Android 4+ POP/IMAP email setup

In this tutorial we will be showing you how to setup a Android tablet or phone for POP or IMAP email service.

1. Tap on your Apps drawer button.





2. Tap on Settings.




3. Scroll down to Add Account, and Tap on Add Account.




4. You can Tap on either IMAP or POP. (It seems that it asks you latter in the process which you want again so it does not seem to matter which one you choose on this option, as much as it does latter on. Just make sure you choose one of these two options.)




5. Type in your email address. If your provider has given you specific mail settings Tap Manual Setup. If they have not, then Tap the right




6. (MANUAL SETUP) Select IMAP (the most common for phones and tablets), or POP (Not recommended)




7. Type in your password.




8. (MANUAL SETUP) Verify your Username is correct, and password is in the password field, if all is well, then type in your incoming server your internet service provider gave you on the SERVER line.




9. (MANUAL SETUP) For most providers you will want to have on SSL or Secure Sockets Layer for data security, and to reduce connection issues. To do this simply Tap the None next to the SECURITY TYPE area, and select SSL/TLS or SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates) if you have issues connecting with the first option. Almost all Internet providers use this security option.



10. (MANUAL SETUP) Tap the right button.



11. (MANUAL SETUP) On the SMTP SERVER line type in your outgoing server information provided by your internet service provider.



12. (MANUAL SETUP) Like before on the incoming server we will be selecting SSL/TLS, or SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates).




13. (MANUAL SETUP) Tap the right button.




14. If you want to have the mail on your phone/tablet check more often for mail, you can adjust the frequency by clicking on Sync frequency. The more often it checks the more data useage your device will use, this may be an issue on some phone providers so be careful with setting this to low if this is on your cell based device.




15. Unless you feel the need to adjust any of this, you can just click the right button.



16. You can adjust what name people see on the from line of your emails right here on the Your Name line. Adjust this to what you want people to see. This will not adjust your signature if you use that option.


And that’s it the end of the tutorial and setup process. We hope you enjoyed it and your all setup. If your not please recheck your settings and take head what the errors on your screen say, your device won’t lie ti you. Ex. Bad password = you typed your password wrong. As much as we do advocate for the people and not for the internet providers, there are a few things people do that are common, like think a password is correct when it is not and think another issue is causing the problem. When in doubt, reset your password. Connection error, look for typos. And if you have done all that and you still can’t get it moving, then contact your internet service provider for assistance. Happy emailing!