MBPS vs MbPS What’s the difference?

So people get often confused when talking to their Internet provider about their Internet speed. So we are going to break it down for you. Understanding your speed is a HUGE element of understanding what your paying for, and what you need to pay for. Basics you need to know: There are 8 bits to […]

Exchange to Office 365 Migration Using Outlook

This is a instructional tutorial on how you may export from an Exchange server account and import to an Office 365 account. Keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed procedure. Your system administrator may have limited/restricted your ability to do this action. Also as with any data move, data loss can occur. We […]

Comcast and Roadrunner can’t send email! Port 80 blocked

Today several email providers stared to get inundated by customers thinking that they were having problems with their email service because Comcast, and Roadrunner decided to cut off a common port called port 80. This port is commonly used for email, but is also commonly used to run private home web servers as well. Comcast […]

Is that site down? Or is it just me?

Out in the internet world we hear the infamous words, “blah, blah, blah site is down!” The interesting thing about website down issues is, they are not always down for everyone. Sometimes they are just down for you, or your area. So if your getting “Page can not be displayed”, or that Oops page we […]