Comcast and Roadrunner can’t send email! Port 80 blocked

Today several email providers stared to get inundated by customers thinking that they were having problems with their email service because Comcast, and Roadrunner decided to cut off a common port called port 80. This port is commonly used for email, but is also commonly used to run private home web servers as well.

Comcast is not currently listing this as a blocked port on their official list of blocked ports as of this time, but after test from 100’s of their customers today the proof is irrefutable. They have now joined the ranks of the port 80 blocking ISP’s.

However as it has been said for a long time port 80 was never intended to be used as an email port in the first place, so this is not a huge surprise that it would come around a bite people eventually. A simple fix is available here that will work for Outlook 2010 and 2013.

We hope this helps all of you suffering from this unannounced change on the internet, as we here at Broken ISP, are here for you the people.