Thunderbird 24.6.0 POP/IMAP Setup

In this tutorial we will show you a basic setup of Thunderbird for a POP or IMAP email account.


1. Click on the three line menu on the top right to the right of the search bar. Then hover over New Message. Then click on Existing Mail Account.



2. Type in Your Name,  Email address, Password, and check Remember password. Then click Continue.



3a. If auto detected, you can click Done, and you are configured. if not, you will need to go to 3b which is Manual configuration, or if your servers are wrong do this as well. This can happen if you have cPanel hosting and Gmail business a lot.



3b. Manual configuration option…



4. Here you can update your server names manually for your incoming and outgoing servers, as well as your server ports, and authentication, and username.  Advanced configuration is available if your internet provider requires it as well. Once you have added your settings, click Done.



4a. If you have SSL turned on you may get a Add Security Exception box pop up. don’t panic. Assuming you typed all of your setting properly this is normal for most internet providers. You should normally click Confirm Security Exception, otherwise your SSL will not work and you will be unable to send and receive.