Internet speed MBPS vs. Mbps

MBPS vs. Mbps internet speed

So people get often confused when talking to their Internet provider about their Internet speed. So we are going to break it down for you. Understanding your internet speed is a HUGE element of understanding what your paying for, and what you need to pay for.

Basics you need to know:

There are 8 bits to a byte. In Internet speed terms, your internet provider is likely to use bits designated by the small b, thus making the internet speed sound WAY faster than it actually is. A Byte is designated by a large B. So basically a 1 Mbps connection is 1/8th of a 1 MBPS connection.


Mbps: mega bits per second

MBPS: Mega Bytes Per Second

Small b = bits or 1/8th of a Byte

Big B = Bytes 8 times that of a byte

So lets breakdown some common internet provider speeds in to MBPS!

1 Mbps = 0.125 MBPS

Average 4G cell phone is 4mbps = 0.5 MBPS

10 Mbps = 1.25 MBPS

25 Mbps = 3.125 MBPS

50 Mbps = 6.25 MBPS

100 Mbps = 12.5 MBPS

Gigablast / Google Fiber (also marketed as 1 gig internet) 1000 mbps = 125 MBPS

So to break that down further…

An MP3 file on average is about 3MB

An average movie download is about 800 MB/HD about 5,000 MB

An Average YouTube video is about 7.5 MB more towards 100 MB for HD

An average Pandora song is about 5-6 MB

So in essence if you are downloading a MP3 file on a 1 Mbps connection, your average download time is approximately 24 seconds, assuming the best possible internet speed based on that plan.

So basically if you are wondering why your lagging all the time, now you have the numbers to understand how long stuff on your connection takes to download.

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