Is that site down? Or is it just me?

Out in the internet world we hear the infamous words, “blah, blah, blah site is down!” The interesting thing about website down issues is, they are not always down for everyone. Sometimes they are just down for you, or your area. So if your getting “Page can not be displayed”, or that Oops page we all hate then read on!

google-chrome-dns-errorNow before you go off and start making a ton of calls trying to find out what has happened to your favorite site, or if you own the site, your site, there are some neat resources on the net you should check first to make sure your site is actually down first.

That being said, we have some tools to help you achieve your goals!

Down for everyone or just me is a awesome website for checking to see if you are alone on the web on a website outage. All you have to do is type the web address in the box and hit enter, and it will tell you if the site is really down or not! Pretty cool hu?

Now if that is not enough, and you really need to get to that site, and it’s just you having the issue. Don’t fret, there is a way around that as well. Go to and type in the troublesome address and it will take you there. Be carefull though. If your at work, some work places, and some countries(like China) do not allow proxy services, so best to check. If your in the US your good to go!

We hope this helps with your website down issues a bit, and gets your surfing back on track!